A Hotel Review of: Marina Bay Sands (Deluxe Room)

In October, I had the chance to stay in one of Singapore’s most iconic hotels — Marina Bay Sands! Situated on top of Bayfront MRT Station and The Shoppes, this is a landmark, no tourist should miss!

Night view of Marina Bay Sands
Night view of Marina Bay Sands

When walking in the 3 tower long building, we were stunned by the interiors of the lobby. Due to the long crowds at the Check In counters, we were invited to use the VIP check in lane. After a short 15 minutes wait, we were attended to by the friendly check in staff and was off to our rooms pretty fast.

Deluxe Twin Room (Gardens View)

We were assigned to a room at the third tower of the massive structure. (Take note that the walk from the first tower to the last can be tiring) Due to safe distancing measures (We stayed during the COVID period), there were 2 Safe Distancing staff stationed at each entrance of the towers to make sure that there would not be more than 5 guest (including visitors) in one room at any point in time. Do note that all unregistered guest must leave the room by 10pm.

Honestly, I felt that the rooms were very old. However, there were a few slightly more modern touches (like the lights) which help make the room nicer.

View from our Deluxe Twin Room

Do you remember seeing the long surfboard like structure spanning the top of all three towers? That’s where the swimming pool is!

View from the rooftop Infinity Pool

You may think that the pool stretches across all three towers. However, the answer is no! In fact, the pools are segregated into 3, with a mini kids pool at one end of the “surfboard” (if I’m not wrong). Unfortunately due to the pandemic, reservations for the infinity pool has to be made in advance to control the crowd. All food and beverages would have to be consumed within the first 30 minutes of your timeslot. If you do not feel like swimming, you can always relax on one of their many lounge chairs too!

Note: There is also a jacuzzi on the other side of the swimming pool with great views of Gardens by the Bay!

View of Marina Bay Sands from Gardens by the Bay

All in all, I really enjoyed my stay at the Marina Bay Sands. However, my gripe with it was that the location is not exactly ideal if you wish to walk to the area of Suntec City or Orchard (where most people would normally go for shopping) and the rooms weren’t the best. But, you could easily take the train from Bayfront to Esplanade or Orchard respectively! For a nicer room, you could also pay to upgrade to a Premier Room instead, with a slightly bigger room and more modern interiors (though they may not be cheap). Even though I enjoyed my stay, I am not sure if the price post COVID would be justifiable for the type of room and location. Well, we can only wait and see, i guess.



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